What is Linear Scleroderma?

Linear Scleroderma is a rare autoimmune disease that affects children. It is characterized by hardening of the skin on the face or localized to a single extremity of the body. It can cause mild to severe disfigurement. Currently there is not a cure for linear scleroderma.

Luke was diagnosed with Linear Scleroderma in May 2013, at the age of 13. His disease has presented in his right upper extremity. Now all of his fingers, his wrist and his elbow have showed decreased mobility and function. In addition, he has discoloration and hardening of the skin in his lower and upper arm. The discoloration is a permanent mark to remind Luke of his diagnosis.

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease has been life changing to Luke and our family. Fortunately, we have had a tremendous amount of support along the way in helping us to adjust to the changes in our lives. Family, friends, teachers, therapists and doctors have all helped us on this journey. We have come to a place of acceptance and gratitude that Luke’s disease is not in fact worse. For many with Linear Scleroderma it is much more challenging. Luke would like to turn his diagnosis of this disease into something positive and make a difference in the lives of children who are also affected.

Luke wants to leave a Lasting Mark on others.